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 USA Peace Sites

USA   AntiWar

USA   Campaign for peace

USA   Conversation for peace

USA   End the war

USA   International answer

USA  Move On

USA   Not in our name

USA   United for peace

USA   US labor against war


 World Peace - Global Peace

 World Peace Sites

Australia No War

Australia Victoria Peace

Austria   Social forum

Belgium  Action pour la paix

Belgium  Geenoorlog Iraq

Belgium   Stop usa

Catalunya Fundacio pau

Cyprus    Stop war

Denmark  Nej til krig

Denmark  Stop-terrorkrigen

Egypt     Stop US Agression

Finland   Ei iskua Irakiin

Germany  15Februar

Greece   Stop-the-war

Ireland   Irish antiwar

Italy     Fermiamo la guerra

Italy     Forisociali

Japan    Peace chance

Japan    Global peace

Japan    World peace now

Luxembourg  Fridden

New Zealand Global Peace

New Zealand PeaceMovement

Norway  Ingen krig

Poland   Stop wojnie

Portugal Olifante netropolis

Russia   Aglob

Russian  Antiglobalizm

Spain    Comite Causa Arage

Spain    No a la guerra

Sweden  Stoppakriget

Switzerland  Contra guerre

Switzerland  GSOA    GSSA

Turkey  iMF'fye hayir

Turkey  Irak'ta savasa hayir



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